Fire Risk Assessments 

A thorough site visit with a straightforward report. 
Zebra Safety offers a competent Fire Safety Risk Assessment service with detailed, easy to understand Fire Risk Assessment report, complete with a priority ordered action plan to help your take the appropriate action in your workplace or property. 
We offer guidance and advice to help you ensure your premises is safe for everyone. 

Why do you need a Fire Risk Assessment? 

The Fire Risk Assessment is just the starting point of Fire Safety Management at your premises; 
Fire Risk Assessments are a statutory requirement for all businesses. Any business employing five or more persons must record the findings of the risk assessment and act on those findings where necessary. 
Zebra Safety's Fire Risk Assessments are designed to meet the specific requirements of your premises and will meet all the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. 
Zebra Safety will always ensure that our clients’ premises are adequately assessed for fire risks to life, property and business continuity. 
A comprehensive consultation is available following the fire risk assessments to discuss any significant findings and required actions to achieve a satisfactory standard of fire safety within the premises. 
What do we review? 
Every premises is different, but we always review the following: 
The building’s use, layout and construction 
The number and nature of occupants (including vulnerable occupants) 
History of fire loss in the building 
Electrical equipment or other sources of ignition 
The presence of combustible fuel sources, e.g. paper, wood or gas sources 
Areas where oxygen may be present in larger quantities e.g canisters 
Smoking areas 
Defense against arson 
Portable and installed heating devices 
All lighting equipment 
Storage for any dangerous or flammable liquids 
General fire hazards 
Escape routes and how they are maintained 
Check that emergency lighting is installed and working 
Measures in place to limit fire spread 
Fire safety signs (location and use of) 
Equipment such as fire alarms, sprinklers and fire extinguishers 
Checks to make sure regular fire safety training and evacuation drills happen 
The correct fire safety documents and records are kept. 
Who Needs a Fire Risk Assessment? 
This service is not only a necessity for business owners for legal and insurance purposes but also for: 
Property Management companies & Landlords 
Letting Agents / AirBNB's / HMO's 
Care Home providers 
Schools and Learning Facilities 
Sports and Social Clubs. 
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