Safe Systems of work 

A Large amount of accidents at work occur due to lack of / or failure in safe systems of work 
Safe systems of work (SSOW) are structured processes designed by health and safety experts to reduce the risk of harm when employees face unavoidable hazards at work. 
Health and safety legislation requires employers to create systems of work that, as far as is ‘reasonably practicable’, allows employees to work in an environment that does not create unnecessary risks to their health. 
Although it may not be possible to eliminate all risks, safe systems of work are an important tool for mitigating them and protects employees and employers. 
The SSOW should be easy to understand, clear and direct. Its purpose is to give employees specific instructions on how to work safely and should not be mistaken for general guidance.  
Tasks and activities are broken down into sequential steps that employees should complete in order. 

What should they include? 

SSOW should: 
Be designed for a specific task or activity 
Identify all hazards related to the task or activity 
Detail each individual step for safely completing the task or activity 
Be easily accessible for everyone who needs it 
How do we do this? 
Complete a full risk assessment for the task or activity 
Identify and examine hazards that present significant risks. 
Establish methods that reduce the level of risk for these tasks or activities. 
Document a step-by-step process and train staff on how to apply it. 
Monitor how the SSOW performs and reassess it regularly. 
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